Not sure if a controller suits you - try it for 2 weeks before you buy.
If you like it, keep it and pay
If you don't like it, return it undamaged at your cost and also pay my postage costs
(iro £6.00)


C-088 - Dubick 7 Diode Controller - £95

Dubick 7 Diode Controller. Best suited to up to Hawk motors but will drive X12 as well with brake adjustment and contained in a red fox casing. Also features adjustable brake and full power stops. Virtually new and in great condition. 


C-096 - LBB/Automundo Electronic controller - £125

LBB/Automundo Electronic controller.  From Argentina and features variable Choke, Brake, Sensitivity, Full power relays and Voltmeter and comes equipped with 3 chips at 30, 75 & 95 ohms.  Enclosed in a Automundo (Parma copy) casing and fitted with a 3 pin plug.  Unused apart from a short test. 

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